Monday, June 21, 2010


Secret Prison 2 is going to be the hottest tabloid of the season, but we cant print it without your help!!!

go to the Kickstarter page here to donate some money

if you help with the printing costs you can get copies of SP#2 and some of our past tabloids or buy yourself an advertisement!!

all the artists (many of which will be at PACC!!) are in and they are as follows:
Pat Aulisio
Derik Badman
Art Baxter
Box Brown
Josh Burggraf
William Cardini
Simon Gärdenfors
Ian Harker
Kristoffer Kjølberg
Benjamin Marra (Featured Artist)
Jose Mochove & Rusty Rowley
Luke Pearson
Kelly Phillips
Cody Pickrodt
Bob Pistilli
Tommy Rudmose
Mike Sgier
Doug Slack
Steve Teare
Cyn Why

go here for the secret prison blog

Thursday, June 17, 2010

15 left

only 15 more tables left!! get em while there hot!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Secret Prison

Secret Prison is the tabloid baby of Ian Harker. the first issue was a success of gathering philly's top alt cartoonists and was a secret followup of 'what makes a man dress up like a bat?' tabloid. The new issue will be out in time for PACC! with awesome heavy metal crime cartoonist Benjamin Marra providing the cover and a 2 page story! watch out for it!

you can see whats up at the blog of like it on facebook

Saturday, June 5, 2010


PACC's posters, postcards, flyers, and OFFICIAL ANTHOLOGY (more news on that soon) is brought to you by FIREBALL PRINTING

PACC's panels, discussions, and live readings will be held at LOCUST MOON COMICS!
Locust Moon is also providing PACC with a staff to help ensure everything go smoothly!