Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Box Brown has been with PACC since its first year and is an honorable guest every time!
Box got his start with his sappy relationship webcomic BELLEN that cultivated him an enormous internet readership, he tossed it all away to be a full on floppy print comic peddler!

He releases his religious-based comic EVERYTHING DIES (Grawlix award nominee!) on an actual regular schedule which caught him attention, so much so that indy presses like GRIMALKIN and MICROCOSM started releasing issues for him!

He's also the mastermind behind his own soon-to-be publishing house RETROFIT! Featuring a ton of artists you'll meet at PACC!

On top of all that he's coming out with his own comic album for Blank Slate books from the UK called the SURVIVALIST. But until then you get to buy the new issue of EVERYTHING DIES he'll be premiering at PACC!

Everyone loves BOX BROWN! well....except people who spend way to much time on the internet, complaining on blogs....

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