Monday, August 1, 2011


you guys know who JOSH BAYER is?
over the past 4 months josh has increasingly become one of my favorite comic peers to share ideas with.
He's done super big commercial stuff like art for HBO's series ROME and for the remake of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET as well art chores on music videos by Metallica and Smashing Pumpkins. But that doesnt stop him from being a advocate for making comics and not giving a shit, the attitude PACC tries to exemplify best.

His art is REAL and RAW, holds no punches and hides nothing.

He released an amazing re-make of an old issue of ROM: the spaceknight, simply titled ROM that he'll have on hand

Along with debuting a new anthology he's putting together about NANCY, yes that NANCY, called Suspect Device.
its going to feature a bunch of other PACC exhibitors like Box Brown, Mike Sgier, Josh Burggraf, Pat Aulisio, and Edwin Vazquez

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