Thursday, August 4, 2011


Mike Turzanski and Peter Lazarski.
2 polish-ass dude from Rochester NY that can't stop the dripping there wares all over the comix community.
as partners they co-edit the free tabloid anthology HOPE MOUNTAIN (the 2nd issue which will premiere at PACC)!
They also continually come out with new collaborative books like DUNGEONS AND DRAGQUEENS, a book full of there monster creations, and Grawlix Nominee F.U.K.M., a surreal weird tale that move along like a river of liquid acid.

individually Peter comes out with the Dungeons and Dragons-esque parody epic adventure webcomic IMAGINARY MONSTERS where he'll be selling collected editions

Mike will be pushing his music agenda (as well as playing with his band at the Grawlix awards) selling his super deluxe screenprinted handmade box cases cd's.

One of the main draws of the Partners is there constant stream of new screenprinted posters and t-shirts! last year mike premiered a t-shirt with con organizer Pat Aulisio's face on it, who knows how they will top it this year!!

check out MIKE here
check out PETER here
check out HOPE MOUNTAIN here

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