Thursday, August 18, 2011

Philly Alternative Comic Con

Thanks again for another terrific year! i'm going to leave this blogpost up until next spring when i start organizing this 3rd full time job of mine again next year.

for those not in the know heres some quick ideas as to what kind of con PACC is.

PACC is...

the type of show where the 'big time' pro tables are small press publishers.

you can discover your new favorite mini comic and get to know the artist personally.

when it rains and it leaks on your table, just put a bucket there, when it rains some more, just move your whole table.

you don't really know who is 'in charge' and there are no volunteers walking around.

has an award show which emphasis's getting drunk, hanging out, and listening to live music then actually caring who wins.

theres a better chance of 100 artists with small tables then 50 artists with big tables.

having a weird secret way of getting table space.

theres more art galleries and collectives with tables then publishers.

screenprinted covers and limited edition runs of ornate book bindings reign supreme.

no sponsors or bigger company agendas

half the people are from philly and know each other already the other half arent from philly and we get excited about meeting and getting to know them.

talks in 3rd person like its some bigger 'thing' but its really just one dude doing it all.

is do-it-yourself all the way.

all about comix.


see you next summer!

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  1. Looks kickass. I will find this secret way to get a table... OH I WILL FIND IT!!!