Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Collective Stench is an amazing newish art collective in the same realm as fort thunder or closed caption comics. they describe themselves as:

...is a loosely associated collection of people who frequently
table together at comics festivals and occasionally collaborate.
Most of them are based in the greater New York area, with a few
additional members in Providence, DC, Philly, and California.

These are a few of the comics i was introduced to released by members of the stench.

featuring some of my favorite emerging artists like
Tom Toye
Heather Benjamin

KJ Martinet
and Ze Jian Shen

to really get to know them pick up there Grawlix Award Nominated anthology DIMENSIONS

check out there collected site to see all the artists they got on board!

They're coming down to PACC in a fully hand painted psychedelic school bus and will be handing out various drugs to hallucinate off of while reading there mind-blowing comics. can't wait!

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