Monday, August 8, 2011


PACC is proud to house new-comer to the comix scene DAVID JABLOW!
we first saw him around starting this time last year when he began his do-it-yourself doodler project on facebook, soon after he started appearing at philly comix jam meetings and i formally met the mastermind about the mis-adventures of Ms. Doodle.

His chops for cartooning are dead on, with a 'classic' alternative comic feel with his style of cross-hatching and we get to see his range in environments with the numerous doodler pages.

his internet-popularity was growing exponentially with ever doodler page he posted, culminating in a full gallery show with all the pages last december.

since then AdHouse Books caught on to DIYDoodler and will be premiering the full collection at PACC!

After Doodler, David went on to the weirdly-genius niche' market of Phillies Fans with writer Jon Goff releasing Dugout Phunnies, a kind of saturday morning cartoon take on the current phillies line-up. the first 2 issues are out already and will featured at PACC!

DIYDoodler is nominated for Best Non-Comic Comic and Dugout Phunnies #2 is nominated for Stupidest Comic in the Grawlix awards!

and to think last year nobody knew who David Jablow was!

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